Top MBA Colleges in Nepal

October 20, 2022

MBA (Master In Business Administration) is one of the most popular and demanding management courses in Nepal.  It is a two-year degree with an emphasis on normal course work, exercises, research papers, fieldwork, lectures, and research projects given by the international and domestic universities. This program supports the creation of managers and supervisors with good leadership qualities who are ready to make smart selections and lead businesses to professional growth.

 Different MBA programs are offered by affiliated national and international universities in Nepal. The largest and most trusted University of Nepal, Tribhuwan University offers five different types of MBA programs while other Universities Like Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, Mid-Western University, and Purbanchal University offer single MBA programs at the moment. 

Let’s look top ten MBA colleges in Nepal.

1.SOMTU (School of Management Tribhuwan University)

Image: School of Management Tribhuwan University

SOMTU (School of Management Tribhuwan University) is the only TU-affiliated college in Nepal that offers an MBA program at the moment. The main aim of SOMTU is to provide quality education at an affordable fee. SOMTU was established in 1970 and was able to rank at the top list of best MBA colleges in Nepal. The full-time MBA course is administered by the nonprofit School of Management (SOM). Through curriculum and co-curricular exercises, the program seeks to improve students’ developing entrepreneurial capabilities.

2. KUSOM (Kathmandu University School of Management)

Image: Kathmandu University School of Management

Kathmandu University (KU) is an independently, non-profit, and non-government public organization formed in 1991. The University of Kansas is a public university located dedicated to academic excellence and runs the MBA program with affiliation to Kathmandu University. The University’s purpose and provide quality education for management and statesmanship in quality education by producing, spreading, and utilizing areas of science, tech, and leadership. 

3. Ace College Of Management

Image: Ace College Of Management

Ace College of Management is a Top Management college in Nepal that offers an MBA program affiliated with Pokhara University and another MBA program affiliated with Glasgow Caledonian University.  Established in 1999, Ace has emerged as one of the finest education and training institutions in the country. The fee of an MBA in Ace is Eight Lakh Thirty Thousand. The main mission of Ace is to achieve its aim of increasing the capacity of individuals or organizations in Nepal to help the nation’s development.

4. Uniglobe College

Image: Uniglobe College

Uniglobe College was founded in 2009 in affiliation with Pokhara University and is dedicated to creating and developing transforming insights in management education. Uniglobe offers an MBA and MBA Finance program with in-depth skills and understanding in areas such as business, industries, and government sectors. The fee for MBA at Uniglobe is Eight Lakh ten thousand at the moment. 

5. Apex College

Image: Apex College

Another Top MBA College with affiliated Pokhara University is Apex College. Apex College is known for focusing to develop moral and incisive leaders who can change businesses via teaching methods, investigation, and networks. It was established in the year 2000 and is located in  Old Baneshwor. It offers two variations of MBA with a fee of eight lakhs.

6. King’s College

Image: King’s College

King’s College is another top MBA college associated with Westcliff University in California. This college includes different departments and institutes such as the King’s Incubation Center, the Institute for R and D, and the Executive Academic Institution. King’s College offers MBA in Agribusiness, General, Technology, and Non-profit.

7. The British College

Image: The British College

The British College offers an MBA degree in affiliation with Leeds Beckett University, United Kingdom. The college seeks to transform to provide students with a strong leading, marketing, and managerial base in preparing them for a management career. An MBA in British college expenses about NPR 6 and 10 lakhs for a three-year curriculum. It delivers MBA and Executive Study programs to students.

8. SAIM College

Image: SAIM College

SAIM College Stands for the South Asian Institute of Management which was established in the year 2005. The College offers an MBA in global business that gives students get a better foundation in management and international trends. The college is located in Old Baneshwor, Kathmandu. 

9. Kathmandu Don Bosco College

Image: Kathmandu Don Bosco College

Kathmandu Don Bosco College is the latest opened private college which was established in the year 2010. The college offers MBA and EMBA programs affiliating with Purbanchal University. The MBA fee at Kathmandu Don Bosco is eight lakh.

10. PUSOM (Purbanchal University School of Management)

Image: Purbanchal University School of Management

PUSOM started the MBA program in the year 2001. It offers M.Phil in Management and Ph.D. in Management. It offers a full version with 26 plan work, such as an internship experience or thesis, focused on educating top managers for the company and non-business areas.

Apart from them, there are other MBA colleges in Nepal which are listed below.

  1. Kailali Multiple Campus affiliated to T.U.
  2. Presidential Business School with affiliation with Westcliff University.
  3. Dav College of Management with Purbanchal University.