Why is SSD the necessity of today and SSD in Nepal?

March 10, 2022

For this generation, we all need a device that runs faster either it be your mobile phone or your personal computer. You may be wondering why your device lags, It is because of the hard disk that you’re using on your PC or Laptop. We’ll talk about the availability of SSD in Nepal.

What we’re missing for the faster experience of our devices while purchasing SSDs that are comparatively cheaper in price. So, what makes it faster? There comes the SSD, which will boost the performance of your older generation laptops.SSDs are nowadays being used widely either in new devices or older ones. We can say, people are likely to upgrade to SSD to make their devices run faster.

ssd in nepal
KingSpec SSD

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Why do we need an SSD?

SSD is the demand of time, as SSD saves a lot of time that takes to run and execute the files and programs, with the chip built into the board of SSD. As we all know, SSDs make our PC faster. The speed of an SSD depends on the brand and capacity of the chips installed in the SSD.

The hard disk drive is slower in speed. As it manually reads and writes data in the disk inside the Hard disk drive using a mechanical arm and SSD uses flash memory and there’s no moving part which makes SSDs comparatively faster.

Difference between cheaper and expensive SSDs?

Sometimes we don’t care about the durability, and consistency of performance the drive provides while working on projects. While expensive SSDs focus on consistent performance and are durable. They are well built to handle huge work, while the cheaper ones focus on low prices.

There is an integrated DRAM Cache in SSDs that are expensive, which is used to store the table of contents of data in the DRAM cache, that makes the data search faster which avoids traveling all the blocks in the SSD to find the data, which boast the performance of SSD which makes the DRAM cache inbuilt SSD faster and durable than the one with non DRAM chip.

Upgrading your PC with a new SSD is worth it?

Yes, but no. Not every time upgrading with SSD is worthy. The speed of the computer depends upon the processor, RAM, storage device used in it. Upgrading with SSD will boost the speed of the computer in the startup but will be slower in the execution of the programs and files, because of the clock speed of the processor and speed of RAM. If the speed of the processor is slow and the speed of SSD is fast, then the data transfer rate between these devices doesn’t match, execution becomes slower, which makes you feel your PC is slower even after upgrading with SSD.

Availability of SSD in the Nepali market

There are a lot of brands available SSD in Nepal like Samsung, Adata, Kingston, Kingspec, Oscoo, Hikvision, and others. You can choose your own brand, there are many. But you should be able to identify which SSD you should buy and which should be compatible for you to buy.

The price range of SSD in Nepal starts from an average of 3000 to above depending upon the brand, performance, size, and type.