Can Your CPU Run Windows 11 | Well Not Exactly

March 10, 2022

Since Microsoft launched Windows 11, many people confused on the minimum requirements. People rather seem confused whether new generation of CPU can even support Windows 11. The unclear clarification from Microsoft is rather getting dicombobulating. The verge made it clear what version of new generation of cpu will not support Windows 11. This post is clear that even some new generation of processors won’t support Windows 11 due to many security reasons and minimum requirements.

If you already don’t know about the Windows 11 requirements, read this first: TPM 2.0 is required for Windows 11

That’s not it because it’s getting weirder. As Microsoft released first Insider build of Windows 11 which is available for you to install, it won’t require TPM 2.0 or any specific CPU’s. For now, Microsoft will collect diagnotics data from users and testers to adjust minimum requirements. With concerns no that, they will be focusing on Intl 7th Gen and AMD Gen 1 CPU’s. This to see if the processors are providing the performance that Microsoft are looking for. While it is also to check if the processors are providing relaiable perfromance about security.

Can My CPU Run Windows 11

Not Exactly. You see, I Myself tested to see if my pc meets the minimum requirements. It does but by using the Windows pc health check up tool, the still tells me I can’t run Winodws 11. But, as I mentioned earlier, there is no specific requirements to run Windows 11 as of for now. So, what is actually happening here? Personally, It doesn’t even seem clear to Microsoft where is Windows 11 exactly heading.

People fear if they can run Windows 11 with their older CPU. But, what Microsoft made it clear is it will not support older CPU’s to maintain security and reliability. Even if Microsoft force Windows 11 on older CPU’s, it won’t run exactly as its meant to. But, Microsoft has listed the supported Intel Processors.

As of for now, Microsoft has removed Windows PC Health Check app which people can use to check for support of Windows 11. Well, its due to high criticism from people on unclear message on why exactly Windows 11 is not supported. The company says the app “was not fully prepared to share the level of detail or accuracy” that users expected, but it said the app would be available again for Windows 11’s launch in the fall. But, if you try to install Preview Build and it says the requirements are not met, there is nothing you can do about it.